WWE: Examine These 5 Underappreciated Attitude Era Entrance Themes, From Gangrel’s Blood To Undertaker’s Lord of Darkness

WWE Examine These 5 Underappreciated Attitude Era Entrance Themes, From Gangrel's Blood To Undertaker's Lord of Darkness

WWE: WWE’s Attitude Era was renowned for performers’ memorable entrance tunes in addition to their captivating characters and plots. continue reading!

It was truly a privilege to be a WWE fan during the Attitude Era! Back then, watching pro wrestling was a lot of fun since there were so many fascinating characters and kayfabe, as well as pro wrestlers with personalities and captivating storylines. Aside from these little issues, a few vintage entry themes added icing to our trip. We’ll be briefly discussing a few underappreciated entrance ideas today.

While the entrances by Triple H, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were entertaining, one song in particular merits special attention and appreciation. Here, we’ll examine five WWE Attitude Era entrance tunes that are underappreciated; the list includes Undertaker’s Lord of Darkness and Gangrel’s Blood theme music.

Blood: During WWE’s Attitude Era, Blood is considered a classic. The soundtrack for Gangrel’s entrance was also utilized for The Brood, a stable. Jim Johnston, a renowned music composer, wrote it. It has a fascinating vibe that makes us shiver.

Gold-Lust: This is veteran Goldust’s entrance theme. Goldust’s persona has its fan base due to his secretive nature and strange appearance. Aside from the character’s writing, the theme adds to the excitement. Jim Johnston composed the song Gold-Lust.

Burned: Kane’s badass demon shtick has always terrified 90s kids. During WWE’s Attitude Era, Kane’s entrance was a goosebumps moment for the majority of viewers, and the composition Burned by Jim Johnston deserves special note.

Wreck: Mankind was one of WWE’s strangest concepts, and Mick Foley carried it off flawlessly. The wreck was one of the coolest entrance themes supporting the kayfabe, yet it remains unjustly underappreciated. Mankind became more remembered due to the theme’s atmosphere and chaotic feel.

Lord of Darkness: The Undertaker was frequently portrayed as one of the most mysterious and even frightening figures in the promotion, but the real deal was his performance during the Ministry of Darkness storyline. His performance was terrifying, and Lord of Darkness’ entrance theme had a great impact. It remains one of the most scary themes in WWE music.

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