Varun Sandesh, the hero of Kotha Bangaru Lokam, promises a fresh thrill with Nindha.
Varun Sandesh, the hero of Kotha Bangaru Lokam, promises a fresh thrill with Nindha.

Varun Sandesh, the hero of Kotha Bangaru Lokam, promises a fresh thrill with Nindha.

Varun Sandesh is all set to wow the audience with his latest project, Nindha.

Nindha, Varun Sandesh’s latest film based on true events, is planned to be released on June 21. Rajesh Jagannadham is the film’s producer and director. The ‘Kandrakota Mystery’ film tries to add a unique twist to the suspense-thriller genre. Varun, the principal actor of the film, which is distributed in Nizam by Mythri Movies, has given some fascinating details about it.

Varun decided to take a break from his typical film selections and take on the part of Nindha after being immediately intrigued by Rajesh’s story. Varun portrays a character in Nindha that is significantly dissimilar from his actual self. Here, he plays a character who is more mature and stable than he usually does cheery parts.

Varun didn’t give the film’s producer much thought at first. He was pleasantly surprised to see that Rajesh was both producing and directing the film, though. Varun has brought attention to the film’s erratic script, which even kept the actors on their toes, resulting in more organic performances.

Technically, Ramiz’s superb cinematography and Santhu Omkar’s outstanding work are what make Nindha stand out. Omkar’s background score and music enhance the movie. Inspired by Rajesh’s enthusiasm and dedication, Varun kept filming Nindha despite breaking his leg on a previous set.

Mythri Shashi saw and liked the movie, which led to the distribution of the movie via Mythri Movies. Varun intends to start promoting a new project in July with an August release, after Nindha. In addition, he is now producing the movie Constable.

Varun Sandesh is poised to showcase his flexibility and commitment to his craft with Nindha, providing fans with a new thrilling experience. The audience will be kept on the edge of their seats for this movie.

Sandesh, who is well-known for his charming boy-next-door persona, is predicted to give another standout performance in this film. Nindha’s remarkable cast and original plot have already generated a lot of interest. The latest film project from Varun is highly anticipated by both critics and fans alike, as it may represent a major turning point in his career.

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