Shah Rukh Khan say, "Women Should Rub My Legs?
Shah Rukh Khan say, "Women Should Rub My Legs?

In a magazine interview, did Shah Rukh Khan say, “Women Should Rub My Legs, Kiss Me Full-Mouthed On My Lips”? Netizens argue about including Salman Khan in the comparison.

Here’s how internet users are responding to Shah Rukh Khan is old comment “Women should my legs and kiss me” which has resurfaced on the internet.

Everyone knows that Shah Rukh Khan has a sizable fan base all over the world. His fans never miss a chance to trend his vintage sayings, amusing anecdotes, throwback tales, or family portraits on social media. Living up to his title as the King of Bollywood, SRK has a history of courting controversy with his past statements.

A Redditor recently shared an alleged statement made by Shah Rukh Khan regarding women kissing and massaging his legs on the platform. His remark has disappointed many online, igniting a debate that has been likened to Salman Khan.

A picture of Shah Rukh Khan with his quote printed next to a white round-neck T-shirt can be found on Reddit. “Women should rub my legs, hold me tight, and kiss me full mouth on my lips,” the statement reads. They ought to make obvious passes. Furthermore, SRK had previously uttered the words, “Please sit! I prefer a woman to be lying down when I speak to her, though I realize this may not be politically correct.

Resurfaced by internet users, Shah Rukh Khan’s remarks regarding women have led to comparisons between him and Salman Khan. A user commented, “The thing is Op is writing about SRK statement Meanwhile he is Selmon Boi Fan Well You Know Very Well How He Treats Women,” in response to the same. It is HYPOCRISY, right now.

Someone else remarked, “Wow, that’s new to me.” Salman is an abhorrent pos and a horrible person. I don’t understand how fans of him exist. It appears like nobody even slightly kind exists in Bollywood at this rate.

The fourth one stated, “It’s not the first time he’s said something unsettling, and his supporters and PR have defended it by claiming it’s just “sarcasm and wit.” Someone else commented, saying, “That’s charming and clever, not repulsive. In all seriousness, I wonder what kind of responses this post would have received if Varun Dhawan, Ranveer, or Ranbir had said it.

Regarding his career, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in the Christmas blockbuster film Dunki, costarring Rajkumar Hirani. Prior to that, though, he will delight the audience with a cameo in Tiger 3, which is scheduled for release on Diwali.

Returning to the subject at hand, this was one instance in which Shah Rukh Khan made a remark that irritated online users.


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