Kangana Ranaut reacts to Sadhguru's brain surgery 'I am numb since I found out about it.'
Kangana Ranaut reacts to Sadhguru's brain surgery 'I am numb since I found out about it.'

Kangana Ranaut reacts to Sadhguru’s brain surgery: ‘I am numb since I found out about it.’

Kangana Ranaut revealed that she cried after learning Sadhguru had emergency brain surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Delhi.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a well-known spiritual leader, underwent emergency brain surgery on Wednesday after experiencing ‘life-threatening’ bleeding in the skull and is now recovering well, according to a senior doctor at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Delhi. Sadhguru’s surgery has sparked a reaction from actor Kangana Ranaut. She claimed that it never occurred to her that ‘he is bones, blood, and flesh just like us’.

What Kangana Ranaut said about Sadhguru.

On Wednesday night, the actor posted on Twitter, stating, “I was struck by the realization that Sadhguru Ji is mortal. I never realized that he is made of bones, blood, and flesh like the rest of us until I saw him lying on an ICU bed today.” Pictures from her visits to the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore and her meetings with Sadhguru are regularly shared on social media by the actor.

“I feel as though God has crumbled, the earth has moved, the sky has abandoned me, my mind is racing, I can’t comprehend this reality and refuse to believe it, but then all of a sudden I lose it. Millions of people (devotees) share my sorrow today, and I want to share my anguish with you all; I can’t hold it inside.” she continued. He had better be okay, or the earth and sun would not move. This instant is motionless and lifeless.

Sadhguru’s condition

Sadhguru went to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital for emergency brain surgery. Sadhguru shared a video from his hospital bed on Instagram on Wednesday. The neurosurgeons at Apollo Hospital cut through my skull, looking for something, but they found absolutely nothing. They eventually gave up and fixed it. With my skull repaired but my brain undamaged, here I am in Delhi, Sadhguru remarked.

According to the hospital, Sadhguru had been experiencing excruciating headaches for the past four weeks. He carried out his regular daily routine, and social engagements, and even organized a Maha Shivaratri function on March 8 despite the intensity of the pain.

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