Review: Shantala - Executing Flatters.
Review: Shantala - Executing Flatters.

Review: Shantala – Executing Flatters.

Shantala Movie Date of Release: December 15, 2023

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Starring Manju Bhargavi, Vinod Kumar, Nihal Kodhaty, Ashlesha Thakur, and others

Sheshu Peddi Reddy, director

Dr. Irrinki Suresh, producer

Director of Music: Vishal Chandra Shekhar

Film director: Ramesh R.

Editor: Upputuri Sasank

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In the lead role of Shantala, a historical social drama, is Ashlesha Thakur, a Jawan star and member of The Family Man. Today, the movie was made available in theaters. Watch how it performs.


The Zamindar (Vinod Kumar) in a hamlet in Halebidu, Karnataka, has improper intentions toward young girls. Dedicated to dancing, Shantala (Ashlesha Thakur) attracts attention but falls in love with Rajashekar (Nihal Kodhaty). The remaining portion of Shantala’s story that we must see in the movie is how she resolves the problems and realizes her dream of rising to new heights.

Bonus Points:

As the lead, Ashlesha Thakur makes a strong Telugu debut, displaying not only beauty but also a gripping emotional portrayal. Her arrival is a significant boost to the field.

Even in a smaller role, Nihal Kodhaty does a great job in the little time he has. In a brief cameo, veteran actress Manju Bhargavi excels.

Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues give the film a lot of weight, and the background score is especially amazing in the more emotional moments.

Negative Points:

Trivikram Srinivas’ student Sheshu Peddi Reddy offers a compelling story for his feature debut, but he is unable to write a compelling screenplay.

With the exception of the historical element, the rest of the plot is simple and predictable after the first hour. The flow is hampered by a mediocre screenplay, and many scenes lack impact.

Regular viewers may not be familiar with a few of the actors, and Vinod Kumar’s portrayal of the Zamindar comes across as forced, which ends up making jokes.

Technical Details:

Sheshu Peddi Reddy makes an effort to communicate history clearly, but he loses out on a chance to expand the story and character development for a more powerful Shantala.

Vishal Chandra Shekhar, the film’s music director, should be commended for his excellent soundtracks, which sonically enhance the picture. Positive contributions are made by production values and cinematography. Both halves’ editing could use some fine tuning.


A period social drama with a flattering execution is called On the Shantala. While Ashlesha Thakur’s outstanding performance and enthralling soundtrack are highlights, the dull screenplay, cliched plots, and an unknown cast are serious flaws. It might be more fruitful to investigate alternate forms of entertainment this coming weekend.


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