Ramayana Yash Discusses His New Position, Saying, I Had An Approach In My Mind, After Leaving Ravana Despite Receiving 150 Crores in Pay
Ramayana Yash Discusses His New Position, Saying, I Had An Approach In My Mind, After Leaving Ravana Despite Receiving 150 Crores in Pay

Ramayana: Yash Discusses His New Position, Saying, “I Had An Approach In My Mind,” After Leaving Ravana Despite Receiving 150 Crores in Pay

KGF star Yash unexpectedly left the movie overnight. According to reports, Yash was getting ready to play Ravana in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana, which stars Sai Pallavi as Devi Sita and Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Rama. When the movie shoot started, fans were taken aback by the celebrity’s choice to not participate in the project.

Yash’s 150 crore salary

The actor reportedly turned down an over 150 crore rupee offer for the trilogy, but he eventually decided to leave the movie and return with a bigger part! The KGF icon and Namit Malhotra are currently working together to co-produce the movie.

With his upcoming movie Toxic, which stars Kareena Kapoor Khan as his sister, hitting theaters and the Ramayana captivating audiences, Yash will have plenty of opportunities to make money in 2025—bets on the movie’s star cast, which includes Sunny Deol as Hanuman!

Leaving Your Mark Using KGF!

Yash has come to represent superstardom and dominance at the box office. His exceptional acting, especially in the action-thriller KGF series, has made him and his character Rocky Bhai extremely popular across the country. KGF continues to be one of the most popular Indian movies, inspiring unmatched passion and devotion. The actor is the driving force behind this accomplishment, spreading this compelling story throughout India and making a substantial contribution to the enormous popularity of both parts.

A New Part in the Ramayana

In an interview, Yash discussed his long-term goal of making movies that will present Indian cinema to a worldwide audience, as well as his collaboration with others to co-produce Ramayana. To my surprise, a fellow Indian was the driving force behind one of the top visual effects labs in L.A., where I was allied in pursuit of that goal. Namit and I collaborated on several ideation sessions, and by chance, our visions for Indian cinema were a perfect fit.

The actor stated, “We brainstormed various projects, and during these discussions, the subject of Ramayana came up.” He promised to elevate the movie. Namit was involved in some of the planning. I have a strong affinity for the Ramayana as a subject, and I had a plan of attack for it. Our combined vision and experience, together with our co-production of Ramayana, will result in an Indian movie that will arouse passion and excitement in viewers everywhere.

The size of the two movies is what distinguishes them from one another: enormous budgets, and lavish entertainment, but remarkably dissimilar styles. With cleverly thought-out storytelling, every movie offers viewers engaging experiences unmatched by others.

All Set To Dominate in 2025

The celebrity is putting a lot of effort into making Indian movies more widely known. Since 2014, he has been a creative producer for his films. Now, he is going one step further and co-producing his next two highly awaited projects, Ramayana and Toxic: A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups, which will open up new creative and acting opportunities for the actor.

A unique cinematic experience is promised by Toxic, which has a strong plot and a cast and crew assembled from all facets of the Indian film business, including international talent.

In the meantime, Yash and Namit Malhotra’s co-production Ramayana aims to tell the biggest Indian epic from a new angle. To engage viewers worldwide, this enormous initiative will employ bold narrative, imaginative investigation, and honest storytelling.

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