Ram Charan and wife Upasana share a glimpse of their daughter Klin Kaara's first beach experience.
Ram Charan and wife Upasana share a glimpse of their daughter Klin Kaara's first beach experience.

Ram Charan and wife Upasana share a glimpse of their daughter Klin Kaara’s “first beach experience”.

Klin Kaara, the daughter of Ram Charan and Upasana, was shown the sunrise at the beach. In Vizag, they also took a family stroll.

In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, actor Ram Charan and his spouse Upasana brought their daughter Klin Kaara to a beach. Upasana shared a video collage on Instagram on Tuesday, showing off how much the three of them had fun during their visit in Vizag.

Klin Kaara, Ram, and Upasana visit the Vizag beach.

Upasana and her pet were sitting on a rock at the beach in the first picture. Ram used a baby carrier to carry Klin Kaara. When they went to the beach at first light, they exchanged glances. The picture said, “Sunrise with Nana and Amma.” Klin Kaara’s initial encounter with the beach.” Black and white T-shirts and shorts were worn by both Ram and Upasana.

Klin Kaara looks at fish while enjoying the beach.

Accompanied by their pet, the couple also took Klin Kaara close to the water. Ram chose to wear a black T-shirt and charcoal pants, while Upasana was dressed in blue pants and a yellow T-shirt. Klin Kaara was spotted wearing yellow slacks and a top. The couple could also be seen strolling among the rocks in the video. Ram also did a quick chest-dunk, or Klin Kaara, in the water.

Notepad by Upasana

Additionally, Ram led Klin Kaara up to a fisherman and showed her his haul. The young child was observed focusing closely on the fish. “Nana teaching us to respect the ocean and its inhabitants through sustainable fishing and minimal consumption,” was written on the photo.

In one segment of the video, they also posed with the locals. In a segment of the video, Ram was seen sprinting from the beach’s water while clutching Klin Kaara. Below it, Upasana wrote, “It’s a beautiful beach.” but wishes there was less broken glass and that it was cleaner.” In one scene of the video, Ram was pelted with flower petals while standing in his car. Additionally, a massive garland was suspended from above close to him, but the actor motioned for the audience to remove it.

In response to Upasana’s post, Ram

“Vizag U stole our hearts (black heart emoji) KlinKara’s first beach experience (water wave and spiral shell emojis) #love #vizag,” Upasana wrote when she shared the video. Ram responded to the post with a red heart emoji. “Absoluteeeeeeeee family goalssssssssssssss,” a fan wrote. One person wrote, “Man with a golden heart.”

Regarding Ram, Upasana

On June 20, of last year, in Hyderabad, Ram and Upasaa welcomed their first child after eleven years of marriage. In front of family and friends, they named their daughter in a lavish ceremony.

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