Premalu Worldwide Box Office (After 42 Days) The Sixth Week Sees A Constant Flow Of Success
Premalu Worldwide Box Office (After 42 Days) The Sixth Week Sees A Constant Flow Of Success

Premalu Worldwide Box Office (After 42 Days): The Sixth Week Sees A Constant Flow Of Success

Even in its sixth week, the Mollywood blockbuster Premalu has continued to move at a steady pace, and its collections show that audience interest hasn’t diminished.

The Malayalam romantic comedy Premalu, which became an unexpected hit earlier this year, is showing resilience at the box office. Even with more recent releases, the movie is still moving at a steady pace as it enters its sixth week. Continue reading to find out Premalu’s box office receipts for the sixth week.

Premalu earned a commendable 1.45 crore on the sixth Friday of this past week

The movie gained momentum over the course of the weekend, taking in 2.45 crore on Saturday and a sizable 2.9 crore on Sunday. As usual, weekday collections decreased slightly but still held steady at about 1 crore per day. Premalu’s domestic total has increased to an impressive 65.75 crore after 42 days thanks to this consistency.

Here is the Trailer for the Premalu Movie

The movie’s even higher Indian gross collection of 76.75 crore (after accounting for theater taxes) further contributes to its success. Premalu’s successful international run has brought in an additional 41 crore, making the total gross collection worldwide an incredible 117.75 crore. This is an impressive accomplishment, especially in light of the movie’s reputed ₹9 crore budget. Premalu has become a significant financial success for producer Bhavana Studios and director Girish AD, with a return on investment surpassing 200%.

The success of Premalu extends beyond Malayalam viewers. Remarkably, Premalu’s Tamil version contributed a substantial 2.45 crore despite being released just last week. After opening in theaters two weeks earlier, the Telugu version has already made 9 crore in its 14 days of release. These releases in other languages show how popular the movie is outside of its primary Malayalam audience.

The film’s charm has surely been influenced by the performances of its main cast, which includes Naslen, Mamitha Baiju, Althaf Salim, Meenakshi Raveendran, and Akhila Bhargavan. But the real driving forces behind Premalu’s remarkable box office run have been the good word-of-mouth and the movie’s ability to resonate with viewers. Premalu has outperformed predictions, demonstrating that a quality movie with strong word-of-mouth can be successful in a competitive market.

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