Pippa Review: The Ishaan Khatter film gets all the ingredients right.
Pippa Review: The Ishaan Khatter film gets all the ingredients right.

Review of Pippa: The Ishaan Khatter film gets all the ingredients right, but the recipe execution is flawed!

Pippa Movie Evaluation Score: 2/5.

Starring: Flora David Jacob, Anuj Singh Duhan, Chandrachoor Rai, Soni Razdan, Priyanshu Painyuli, Mrunal Thakur, Ishaan Khatter, and Kamal Sadanah.

Raja Krishna Menon, director.

What’s Good: Everything that makes the movie good has been done before in a lot of other war movies.

What’s Bad: The story’s deviation and back-and-forth pacing around a single, lengthy sequence.

A few people thanked the filmmakers for releasing the movie on OTT during Loo Break.

Should You Watch It? Only if you’re an extreme war movie buff and have seen practically every one of them

Spoken in Hindi

Available on Prime Video on Amazon

2 hours and 19 minutes of running

Our family is military, with two brothers: Major Ram Mehta (Priyanshu Painyuli), who is the older brother, and Captain Balram Singh Mehta (Ishaan Khatter), who is the younger brother. The characters’ stereotypical dynamics—the younger being mischievous and the elder being strict—are similar to every other bro-duo because of their typical “poles apart” personalities.

Character introduction in the first act takes a long time and doesn’t include many new details. Both take different paths and assume different responsibilities, which causes concern for their mother Soni Razdan, and sister Radha (Mrunal Thakur). What transpires next becomes the main plot point.

Review of Pippa the Movie: A Script Study

Drawing inspiration from The Burning Chaffees, Captain Balram Singh Mehta’s war memoir, the script (written by Rajinder Randhawa, Tanmay Mohann, and Raja Krishna Menon) makes a valiant attempt to combine two distinct films into one, with only one of them being remotely watchable. One movie examines the flimsy emotional bonds between the characters, while the other is a war movie that partially undoes the damage.

Based on my research, it appears that the authors of this account of Captain Balram’s story combined two significant events from the 1971 war—Balram Singh Mehta’s brother was a major in real life as well—with another account based on real-life events. While I don’t think mixing stories is a bad thing, at least do it in a way that makes sense. The bad writing doesn’t create any chemistry between the brothers or make you want to feel sorry for them, which makes this flaw even more painful. What will be our plan of action?

Another issue is the way the movie has been dubbed “Pippa”; many people won’t understand what that means at first, and when they do, the filmmakers don’t really do anything about the tank that bears that name. There are fight scenes involving the tank, but they lack excitement due to the sloppy action choreography.

Pippa Movie Review: Standout Actors

I’ve always thought that Ishaan Khatter is a talented actor, but this one became too repetitive for him. You will have the feeling that something is missing the entire time you are watching him play this naughty military officer. Although he does a good job, “Chalne firne ka tareeka thoda casual hai… Better, toh face pe smile hota hota. Jokes aside, I recognize that Ishaan had to downplay Balram Singh Mehta’s portrayal of him.

In addition to having a more mature big brother role than Ishaan, Priyanshu Painyuli is also a phenomenal performer, which helps him do a better job of being a soldier. As brothers in a complicated relationship, these two would have emotionally killed it, and I wish the writing had done them justice. Rather, the narrative essentially centers on the elder brother’s heartfelt admission that the cigarette box their parents found belonged to him. The younger brother responds, “I knew so!” to this admission.

There seems to be a problem with Mrunal Thakur reading the scripts for her roles before filming them, starting with Aankh Micholi and continuing with this. Radha has no background information and is very ambiguous. She joins, completes everything correctly, and the story ends with no character arc.

Soni Razdan is just there; she’s an emotional mother with whom, regrettably, you cannot empathize. Though they are excellent actors, Balli’s friends and seniors, portrayed by Chandrachoor Rai “Chiefy” & Anuj Singh Duhan “Speedy,” say and do all the things that typical army men say and do.

Pippa Movie Review: Scope, Soundtrack

I truly enjoy the two movies that Raja Krishna Menon directed, Airlift and Chef, but this one falls short. Not many people will find anything to connect with the way he combines two distinct stories for the brothers.

AR Rahman’s name is all over Rampage and Parwana! I thought it was great how MC Heam’s rap song was used to enhance the action sequence. While some of the BGM’s set pieces are worthy of the Rahman tag, most of them are overly generic.

Review of Pippa the Movie: The Final Word

All in all, Ishaan Khatter’s Pippa is a classic example of having all the right ingredients but mishandling the recipe’s execution to produce a dish that is only somewhat enjoyable despite having all the right ingredients rather than being noticeably undercooked.


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