Pallavi Prashanth was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.
Pallavi Prashanth was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

Pallavi Prashanth was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

There was more drama off-screen than on in Sunday’s Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 grand finale.

On Sunday, Bigg Boss Telugu season 7’s grand finale was emceed by Nagarjuna. Pallavi Prashanth, the “common man” contestant, was revealed to have won the Bigg Boss trophy prior to the show’s debut. Like they do every year, throngs of fans flocked to the Annapurna Studios sets to watch the contestants emerge. But this year, some of the competitors’ cars were attacked by individuals posing as the winner’s supporters.

What happened

Social media users saw videos that alarmed supporters of the other competitors. Even though the studios had police protection, some of the people in attendance attacked the contestants’ cars. After losing to Pallavi, Amardeep, the season’s runner-up, and his family made an attempt to persuade people to let them through. However, before his family could leave, the attackers not only attacked his car in which they were present, but also broke the rear window pane. In addition, aside from the RTC bus, they also targeted the window panes of a few other former contestants’ vehicles, according to Gulte.

Amardeep did not care

When he celebrated with his fans later that night, actor Amardeep looked unfazed by the terrifying event. In addition, he danced to dhol music, cut a cake, and enthralled his supporters with a tirade during the occasion. “I never thought I would ever reach this stage of the competition,” he said, expressing gratitude to all of the voters who helped propel him there. Meeting our Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has also made me very happy.

Geetu and Ashwini complain to the police

At the Sunday grand finale were former contestants Ashwini and Geetu Royal. Not only did people posing as Pallavi’s supporters vandalize Amardeep’s car, but also theirs. At the Jubilee Hills police station, Ashwini and Geethu both lodged complaints.

“After the finale we were already told there was a mob outside, so we waited a few hours after the finale for people to clear before we left,” Ashwini, who was eliminated three weeks ago, said to iDream Media. However, the crowds were so dense that even the police were unable to maintain control. I regret that my car, which I worked so hard to purchase, was vandalized.

“We can’t call these people Pallavi’s fans because no fans behave this way,” Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 contestant Geetu said on the same YouTube channel at Madhapur station. They pulled my hands when I rolled down the window to ask them not to damage the car. It was incredibly impolite behavior. The EMI on my car is still being paid. I nearly started crying.

What was awarded to the victor?

Pallavi received the greatest number of votes and a ₹35 lakh cash prize. He comes from a farming family in a village in Telangana. Pallavi emerged victorious from the fierce competition, defeating Amardeep, Arjun Ambati, Priyanka Jain, Sivaji, and Prince Yawar.


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