Niharika's Latest Film Project Involving Up-and-Comers
Niharika's Latest Film Project Involving Up-and-Comers

Niharika’s Latest Film Project Involving Up-and-Comers

Niharika’s Latest Film: Konidela Niharika, the mega daughter, has already demonstrated her acting prowess and ability to create content for YouTube and other online streaming services. Along with her cousin Sushmitha Konidela, she is also producing a feature film for the first time, and the film’s muhurat event is happening this Friday morning. This is a fascinating teaser regarding the project.

There are rumors that Niharika is planning to direct this film using young actors who haven’t yet starred in a feature film rather than focusing on well-known actors or bringing in some more seasoned talent.

Not only is the cast new, but the film’s crew, which includes the cinematographer and other important technicians, is also making its feature debut. As of the updates, Niharika is not playing a special role in this movie, nor is she portraying any character, despite the cast possibly consisting of well-known YouTubers and other social media influencers. – Niharika’s Latest Film Project

Nevertheless, Allu Bobby’s first production attempt was a failure, and Niharika’s other cousins, Sushmitha and Vidya, haven’t shown that they are capable producers. We will have to wait and see if Niharika, after her previous success on YouTube and other digital platforms, can surpass them all with this project.


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