Nethone Nenu: Review of the antiquated and dull.
Nethone Nenu

Review of the antiquated and dull Nethone Nenu

Nethone Nenu Availability: October 13, 2023

Nethone Nenu Movie Rating: 1.75 out of 5

Aakash Srinivas, Mokksha, Kushitha Kallapu, Aakash Vasishta, Harika Pedada, Nalini, Anil Kumar, and others are among the cast members.

In charge: Anji Ram

Mamidi Sudhakar Reddy is the producer.

Karthik Kodakandla is the music director.

Murali Mohan Reddy shot the movie

Prathap Kumar as editor

Today marks the release of Neethone Nenu, a minor Telugu movie starring Vikas Vasishta, Mokksha, and Kushitha Kallapu. Check out our evaluation to see how it does.


In a government school, Ram (Vikas Vasishta) is a committed teacher, and Ayesha (Kushitha Kallapu), the school’s physical education teacher, is charmed by his selflessness. When Ayesha learns about Ram’s marriage to Sita (Mokksha), her entire world falls apart. She is shocked as a stunning revelation about Ram’s mysterious past is revealed as the story progresses. It is what? What mysteries lie in Ram’s past, and who is the actual Ram? All the solutions are in the film.

Gaining Ground

With this new movie, Vikas Vasishta—known for his excellent performances in Cinema Bandi and Mukha Chitram—makes a comeback and plays an inspirational teacher with simplicity and elegance.

In this film, social media phenomenon Kushitha Kallapu makes her debut as the main lady and excels in the role.

Despite having little on-screen time, Mokksha executes her role as a loving wife well. The remaining actors do alright jobs in their respective parts.

Negative Points:

Mamidi Sudhakar, the film’s producer, also wrote the dialogue, the screenplay, and the story. The scenario itself feels extremely familiar and is reminiscent of many Telugu movies, which is the main problem. Within the first few minutes, it is simple to predict the interval twist. The two-hour viewing experience might have been much improved by injecting newness into the plot.

The plodding pace of the screenplay accentuates how predictable the plot is. The story and the characters could have been more interesting had director Anji Ram taken use of the opportunity.

The movie has several melodramatic scenes that are similar to TV serials, and some of the scenes are overly drawn out, which creates a tedium, especially in the flashback sequences.

While Karthik Kodakandla’s soundtrack accomplishes its goals in a few scenes, the songs fall flat and parts of the speech come off as being unnecessarily dramatic.

Technical Details

The attempt by director Anji Ram to breathe new life into a stale, incredibly predictable tale falls short of expectations. The storyline of Mamidi Sudhakar is unoriginal, and a more engrossing screenplay may have given the story new life.

As was already noted, the score serves its purpose, however, the songs are not very memorable. Prathap Kumar, the editor, had the chance to cut the lengthy and pointless scenes, which would have greatly enhanced the overall viewing experience. Production standards are typical.


Even if the major performers give adequate performances, Neethone Nenu is a dull play overall. It’s a disappointing movie due to the old concept, lack of innovation in the plot, and overly emotional moments. It’s a good idea to look into other weekend entertainment choices.


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