Netflix Renews 7 K-Dramas For 2024.
Netflix Renews 7 K-Dramas For 2024.

Netflix Renews 7 K-Dramas For 2024, Squid Game 2 To Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2!

Although Netflix has not yet revealed its lineup of K-dramas for 2024, we are happy to learn that at least seven of the current series will be getting a sequel in 2019.

For fans of K-dramas, it’s the Soju’o clock because Netflix is still dedicated to adding to the current Hallyuwave. Up to seven dramas have been renewed by the massive streaming service, which promises to bring back some of its immensely popular hits. After a comparatively dull previous year, viewers saw a redemption arc in Korean dramas in 2023, and 2024 is already off to a promising start.

2023 was a year of remakes, ranging from The Glory 2 to Sweet Home 2 & Taxi Driver 2 to Strong Girl Nam-soon. Given Netflix’s commitment to sustaining the entertainment industry, 2024 is looking to be a big year for K-dramas. It’s noteworthy that the streaming behemoth has created a franchise culture for these shows, which is unusual in the Hallyuwood. Since limited series frequently prove to be a barrier to exploring the other side of the story, the fact that your favorite dramas are no longer limited to just 16 episodes will be crucial in the character development of side characters.

Can you guess which dramas the streaming behemoth has decided to renew? The most unexpected item on the list, in our opinion, is Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2. In addition, there are plans for Sweet Home 3 and Hellbound 2, as well as a follow-up to All of Us Are Dead. 2024 will also see the release of Signal 2 and Squid Game 2, while Weak Hero Class 2 will be produced by Netflix following the critical and commercial success of the first season, which debuted on Wavve, as recently announced.

1. Prodigious Lawyer Woo 2

Eventually, Netflix made the decision to renew Extraordinary Attorney Woo. One of the most watched K-dramas of 2022 was Park Eun Bin’s, which won her the Baeksang Award for “Best Actress.” The story revolves around Woo Young-woo, a female autistic rookie lawyer who works hard to distinguish herself from her neurotypical colleagues by using her photographic memory and perseverance to solve even the most challenging legal cases.

2. All of us are dead. 2

    In 2024, the second season of the highly regarded K-drama about zombies in a post-apocalyptic society will premiere on over-the-top platforms. According to the creators, “The next season can talk about the survival of zombies if the first season can be seen as having presented humanity’s survival.” Previously, All of Us Are Dead director Jae Kyoo had thought about the show’s future and revealed his intentions to grow the franchise while also indicating that he was making a conscious effort to leave room for a possible second season.

    3. Squid Game 2

      The worldwide phenomenon will return! The most popular non-English TV program on the massive streaming service to date is Squid Game. The next round of the death game will begin with new competitors entering the terrible arena in the second season of the Hwang Dong Hyuk-directed show, which will feature Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-hun, Yim Si-wan, and Kang Ha-neul exploring a different story.

      4. Hellbound 2

          With its successful reimagining of the zombie theme, Netflix has produced a number of critically acclaimed dramas, such as All of Us Are Dead and Sweet Home. The recent addition to this list is the brand-new series Hellbound, whose positive reviews have led the producers to announce plans for a second season. The lives of several important characters are in jeopardy following a dramatic showdown with the Hell Beasts in the first season. Most likely, Hellbound Season 2 will focus on what happens after the events of the first episode.

          5. Weak Hero Class 2

          There are plans to release Weak Hero Class 1 Season 2 on Netflix. Park Ji-hoon and the cast of the show recently read the script for the upcoming season. Given that the streaming behemoth plans to release the series in 2024, it is likely that production will begin soon. The creators of Weark Hero Class 1 Season 2 or Weak Hero Class 2 say that the story will center on Yeon Si Eun’s school transfer following the unfathomable loss of his best friend.

          6. Signal 2

            In the category of classic K-dramas, Signal receives a mention. The genre-bending program that debuted in 2016 is now receiving a follow-up. The narrative centers on Park Hae-young, a criminal profiler tasked with cracking the code on an enigmatic kidnapping case. After he discovers the truth, he starts speaking with a former officer named Lee Jae-han. They set out to accomplish their shared objective as soon as they recognize it.

            7. Sweet House 3

              A sequel to Sweet Home 2, despite its lackluster reception, is planned. A final card in Sweet Home 2 indicates that the third season will debut in the summer of 2024. Season 3 of Sweet Home will premiere earlier than anticipated because Seasons 2 and 3 were filmed concurrently. It is anticipated that Song Kang will make a cameo in the third and last episode.


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