Netflix removes its worldwide streaming of uncut Indian movies
Netflix removes its worldwide streaming of uncut Indian movies

Netflix removes its worldwide streaming of “uncut” Indian movies

The days of being able to stream uncensored, uncut versions of Indian movies on Netflix are long gone. Netflix was mandated by the censor board to exclusively stream censored versions of Indian films going forward.

Netflix has completely stopped offering uncut versions of Indian movies, including a growing number of ‘A’ rated and politically charged films.

Along with other political allusions, the movie Bheed featured voice-overs by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Following a directive from the CBFC, they were removed, and It decided to only stream the edited version rather than the one the filmmakers had shot. It is currently used for all Indian motion pictures.

Additionally, Netflix released a censored version of Thalapathy Vijay’s LEO, which was released uncut in foreign markets. A movie about sex education called OMG 2 was also released and censored, which prompted the director of the movie to take issue with Netflix’s choice.

There were references to Ambani and Adani in Karthi’s Japan as well, but the version that Netflix is streaming omits their names. Recently, Netflix has begun to insert warnings about drinking and smoking during the relevant scenes in Indian television series and films.

As a result, director’s cut versions of movies will no longer be available on Netflix, which is a disappointment for many directors as well as viewers. One wonders what will happen with the streaming of the more violent and obscene Animal and Salaar films.


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