Netflix India shows, including Wednesday Ruling For 28 Weeks.
Netflix India shows

These 10 Netflix India shows, including Wednesday Ruling For 28 Weeks, All Of Us Are Dead, and Rana Naidu, wowed millions of viewers! Only 2 Indian shows surprisingly make the list

The top 10 series on Netflix India that have been trending for weeks include Wednesday, All Of Us Are Dead, Kohra, and other titles. Continue reading!

In India, Netflix’s OTT platform offers several amazing series for streaming. Long-form programming may be challenging to engage audiences in, and those who succeeded in doing so have spent weeks toward the top of the Netflix India top 10 list.

Some of the additional films were among the Top 10 trending titles on Netflix India for almost seven months.


Millions of spectators watched the entire saga of our beloved outcast, Wednesday, as she began her strange and daring trip to her new school.

We are all dead.

This South Korean drama, which spent a staggering 28 weeks on the trending list, was no less popular in India than Wednesday, according to The Streaming Lab.

Unusual Things 4

The show’s most recent season finally debuted three years after the previous one. El and her group split off in Stranger Things 4 while they battled Vecna. In India, the program was on the list for 21 weeks.

Real Beauty

For 18 weeks, a romantic comedy from South Korea was the most popular show in the nation.

Season 1 of Manifest

Even though the 2018 program debuted on Netflix a few years later than expected, audiences quickly started watching it as they binge-watched the spooky show. For 16 weeks, Manifest Season 1 topped the trending list.

Naidu Rana

The action drama series Rana Naidu, which starred Rana Daggubati, Daggubati Venkatesh, and Surveen Chawla, was incredibly popular with viewers. The show received an IMDb rating of 7.1 out of 10 and spent three months (or 12 weeks) on the trending list.

Never In My Life

There is a distinct fan base in India for the US teen drama with an Indian-origin girl. Indian culture is heavily included in the performance, from ethnic clothing to popular Hindi or Telugu hit tunes.

Evening Agent

Many were astonished by the surprising, exciting, and daring plot of the 2023 drama The Night Agent. In India, the show was popular for nine weeks.


One of India’s most praised online series of 2023 was Barun Sobti’s Punjab-based criminal thriller. Kohrra lasted eight weeks on the list of the top 10 popular series and included a lot of performers giving their greatest performances.

In The Witcher

The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, was no less popular than Kohrra in terms of the number of people who tuned onto Netflix to see the drama. The program stayed in the category for eight weeks as well. Only two Indian shows, which is surprising, made the cut.


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