Naga Vamsi 's 'Guntur Kaaram' forewarning!
Naga Vamsi 's 'Guntur Kaaram' forewarning!

Naga Vamsi ‘s ‘Guntur Kaaram’ forewarning!

Naga Vamsi: For the third time, following Athadu and Khaleja, superstar Mahesh Babu teamed up with director Trivikram Srinivas. This time, the pair is working on a commercial action drama called “Guntur Kaaram,” which suggests a departure from Trivikram’s typical adaptation of the standard family drama genre. As of now, there is a positive buzz surrounding the movie, and Naga Vamsi, the producer, is doing everything in his power to promote it.

Naga Vamsi posted a thought-provoking message on X today. Posting a scene from the Animal movie’s post-credits, he said, “We know what we r doing! See ya on January 12th, folks.

One of the big-budget films, Guntur Kaaram, is scheduled for a spectacular release during Sankranthi 2024. Eagle, HanuMan, and Naa Sami Ranga are some of the other movies that are slated for release at the same time as this one. Nonetheless, the cinema allotment has become a topic of discussion in film circles in the last few days.

Naga Vamsi’s ‘Guntur Kaaram’ forewarning!

There is a common belief that when a big-budget movie with a famous hero opens, the other movies won’t have much of a chance to make it through the box office. Other films are unable to receive the anticipated release due to the scope of Guntur Kaaram’s release plans.

With top distributors on his side, Vamsi would aim for a massive global release of the film. With competition from other films and trade discussions, as well as theatrical distribution, Guntur Kaaram is facing a negative trend.

Addressing all of them in a single post, the producer exuded confidence by sharing the specific video. Vamsi has been vocal about the film becoming a big hit from the start, assuring Mahesh’s fans that it will be massy. He is confident that the film will entertain everyone and that he will not fall short of his goal.

He just went above and beyond today, issuing a mini-mass warning to everyone who believes Guntur Kaaram will fall short of expectations or fail to make the Sankranthi race.


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