Mark Antony, a comedy-action drama from Timepass.
Mark Antony Movie.

Review of Mark Antony, a comedy-action drama from Timepass

Release Date:
 Mark Antony, September 15, 2023

Movie Rating: 3/5

Starring: Vishal, SJ Suryah, Sunil, Selvaraghavan, Ritu Varma, Abhinaya, Redin Kingsley, Y.G. Mahendran

Director: Adhik Ravichandran

Producer: S. Vinod Kumar

Music Director: G.V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematographer: Abhinandan Ramanujam

Editor: Vijay Velukutty

Mark Antony Movie Story:

Jackie Marthanda and Antony (Vishal and SJ Suryah) are good friends. Both of them are criminals who are at odds with Ekambaram (Sunil), another criminal. One day, Ekambaram murders Antony and flees the town. Ekambaram killed Jackie’s companion, and Jackie is determined to get right with him. Jackie is responsible for raising Antony’s son Mark (Vishal), and he values Mark more than his own son Madhan (SJ Suryah).

Mark, who despises his father, works as a mechanic to support his family. When he finds a phone that allows one to speak to people from the past, the plot takes a surprising turn. The main plot of the movie revolves around how that phone affected Mark, Madhan, and Jackie’s lives.

Mark Antony Movie Plus Points:

The first accomplishment is that Mark Antony manages to be entertaining in both halves. A unique telephone is used to assist in creating the humor. The entire comedy is predicated on a set of rules that govern how the aforementioned telephone should operate.

The script is nothing unique, as there have previously been a few films with similar plots, but what makes Mark Antony successful are SJ Suryah and Vishal’s outstanding performances. They infuse the movie with newness and are unquestionably Mark Antony’s heart and soul.

Vishal excels as a mechanic and a mobster. The boy role is cute, but the father role is intense. He deserves praise for demonstrating how the two jobs differ. Vishal also has a strong on-screen presence. The combat scene in the double-decker is wonderfully done. Regarding the CGI creation of Silk Smitha, the crew did a good job.

Every single time, it’s impossible to avoid falling in love with SJ Suryah. The actor is flawless in Mark Antony as well, and his comedic delivery makes you smile. The creators do a fantastic job of utilizing SJ Suryah’s own style and flair. The casting staff deserves praise for pairing up SJ Suryah and Vishal.

Mark Antony Movie Minus Points:

The movie Mark Antony has too many plot points and characters. If one is even slightly disinterested in the movie, one won’t be able to understand what is going on. There were moments when information was rushed, and detailed explanations would have had a greater impact.

The dialogue is poor, and a few of the elevation moments will make us think of earlier movies. After a strong beginning, the first half of the game becomes a little sluggish. The tunes, though, are the major flaw. They are bad and disrupt the flow by acting as speed bumps. The movie becomes a rocky ride whenever songs start to play. The climax falls flat because it lacks impact. Sunil’s personality could have been more clearly defined.

Technical Aspects:

The songs by G.V. Prakash are mediocre, but the background music is excellent and fits the tone of the movie. Impressive production design has been used to tastefully display the bygone age. Abhinandan Ramanujam’s cinematography complements the work of the production design group. The editing is only fair. Good production values are present.

Mark Antony was directed by Adhik Ravichandran, who did a respectable job. He developed his own set of guidelines for the sci-fi component, as was already mentioned. He played around with the idea in order to add enjoyable moments while still achieving the goal of giving the viewers a wacky journey. With more consideration given to the music, it would have been better.


Vishal and SJ Suryah give strong performances in Mark Antony, a fascinating gangster action drama. Both sections contain a sizable amount of entertaining moments that take advantage of the sci-fi theme. To fully appreciate the antics and the mayhem, Mark Antony demands close attention. In the first half, the movie becomes a little bit tedious. The climax falls flat, and the songs are subpar. The film ultimately becomes a timepass watch if you could overlook these problems.

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