Lal Salaam, Lover Box Office Collection (India) Day 6
Lal Salaam, Lover Box Office Collection (India) Day 6

Lal Salaam, Lover Box Office Collection (India) Day 6: Kollywood Sees Low Earnings This Valentine’s Week

Here’s how much Lal Salaam and Lover earned in the domestic market in 6 days at the box office. Two films, Lover and Lal Salaam, were released on February 9 and competed at the box office during Valentine’s Day weekend. Continue reading to find out how much Kollywood films have earned at the box office after six days. Aishwarya Rajinikanth directed Lal Salaam, which starred Rajinikanth, Vishnu Vishal, and Vikranth, while Lover stars Manikandan and Gouri Priya Reddy in the lead roles. Considering Lal Salaam’s higher face value, the film dominated Lover during its first two days of release. Lover, a new age romance drama directed by Prabhuram Vyaas, debuted below expectations but impressed in a few regions. In fact, on Monday, Lover had higher collections in Tamil Nadu than Lal Salaam.

How Lal Salaam performed in the first week:

The cricket drama began with 3.55 crore on Friday (Day 1), followed by a minor drop in earnings on Saturday (Day 2) of 3.25 crore and 3.15 crore on Sunday (Day 3). On Monday, the film’s earnings dropped 51% from Friday, totaling 1.55 crore. The film’s earnings dropped further on Tuesday to 1.45 crore, and on Wednesday to 1.21 crore (early estimates). Lal Salaam’s six-day box office total stands at 14.15 crore.

How Lover performed in its first week:

The film grossed 0.7 crore on Friday, but increased to 1.1 crore on Day 2 (Saturday). However, Lover’s collections dropped unexpectedly on Sunday, earning only around 0.99 crore. The film’s Monday and Tuesday collections were steady at 0.36 crore and 0.37 crore, respectively. On Valentine’s Day, the film did slightly better, earning 0.57 crore. Lover’s six-day box office total stands at 4.09 crore. On the earnings front, it goes without saying that Lal Salaam earned 7.35 crore, while lover earned only 0.50 crore. However, Lal Salaam earned more overall. After six days in theaters, Lal Salaam has earned a total of 14.15 crore, while Lover has only made 4.09 crore. It’s interesting to note that the total revenue generated by these two films at the Kollywood box office is less than 20 crore. This stands in stark contrast to the industry’s success in January with the release of Captain Miller and Ayalaan. These two films earned nearly 150 crore in total, indicating that they were far more popular with audiences than Lover. Stay tuned for more Kollywood box office news!


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