Lady Gaga crushed Shah Rukh Khan's hopes when he told her.
Lady Gaga crushed Shah Rukh Khan's hopes when he told her.

Lady Gaga crushed Shah Rukh Khan’s hopes when he told her, “I’m a good boy,” by responding, “Absolutely No Way Am I Dating You.”

Watch this old clip of Lady Gaga crushing Shah Rukh Khan’s dreams of a relationship. Their chemistry will make you happy.

Being the King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan has millions of admirers worldwide who would adore spending time with him. And not by her spouse Gauri Khan, but rather by global pop sensation Lady Gaga.

The artist, who was born in New York, totally dashes SRK’s dreams of ever dating her in a video that we found on Reddit. To read and see their full exchange, scroll down. It will make you smile, but proceed at your own risk because the last few seconds of the video will make you cringe.

“Would you like to date Shah Rukh Khan?” a viewer asks Lady Gaga at the start of the video. After giving it some thought and asking the question again, Without a doubt not. King Khan, sitting next to her on the couch, covered his face and laughed a little as she appeared unhappy at the question.

A few moments later, Shah Rukh Khan asked the general public, “Arey, who told her about this marriage thing of mine yaar?” Lady Gaga said, “I am a good girl,” in response to this assertion. That is not something I believe in. King Khan cut them off, saying, “I’m a good boy.” And I think that.

Making light of the circumstance, the “Poker Face” performer remarked, “I’m a one-guy girl and I’m old fashion that way,” even though she knew the “Pathaan” star was a good boy. Thus, there is no way in which I would date you, SRK. He acted dejected after Gaga rejected him and remarked, “See, that’s my hopes to the ground.”

Lady Gaga and Shah Rukh Khan share a cute moment that will make you smile, but the “A Star Is Born” actress appears uneasy when SRK goes too far and tries to get her to take his watch. The pop star tries to stop him during this embarrassing moment by stating, “I don’t want your watch,” but he is already removing the accessory.

Aryan Kahn, Suhana Khan, and AbRam Khan are the three children that Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have together. They are a happily married couple. Lady Gaga and businessman Michael Polansky are currently a couple. The couple, who were first seen cuddling during a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve celebration as 2020 came to an end, was most recently spotted together this month in New York City at the official Saturday Night Live cast afterparty.


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