Kalki 2898 AD Review A well-balanced blend of science fiction and mythology
Kalki 2898 AD Review A well-balanced blend of science fiction and mythology

Kalki 2898 AD Review: A well-balanced blend of science fiction and mythology

“Kalki 2898 AD,” a film set to release on June 27, 2024, and directed by Nag Ashwin, features an impressive ensemble cast including Anna Ben, Shobana, Mrunal Thakur, Dulquer Salmaan, Vijay Deverakonda, Kamal Haasan, Rajendra Prasad, Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Disha Patani, Brahmanandam, and others, and is produced by Priyanka, Swapna, and Aswini Dutt, with music composed by Santhosh Narayanan, cinematography by Djordie Stojilikovic, and editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, receiving a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

After much waiting, Kalki 2898 AD, directed by the genius Nag Ashwin, has finally debuted in theaters throughout the globe. With a cast that includes Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan, the movie promises to be unlike any previous movie experience. Come along as we investigate whether it meets the enormous expectations that surround it.


Supreme Yaskin (Kamal Haasan), the ruler of Complex, imagines a new world and creates a reproductive lab to bring it to life in the dystopian setting of Kashi, the last city on Earth, in 2898 AD. After testing many ladies, he decides that Sumathi (Deepika Padukone) is the ideal candidate for his major experiment.

Bhairava (Prabhas), a vicious bounty hunter, longs to enter the Complex in hopes of achieving a better life. Simultaneously, the mysterious Ashwatthama (Amitabh Bachchan) appears, sent on a quest to free Sumathi from Yaskin’s grasp. Driven by the bounty on Sumathi, Bhairava attacks Ashwatthama, and a violent battle breaks out.

Is it possible for Bhairava to give Complex Sumathi? Why would Ashwatthama want to keep her safe? What historical ties bind Bhairava and Ashwatthama together? When will Yaskin next resort to such extreme measures? Is Sumathi connected to the enigmatic “Rebels of Shambala”? Who is Sumathi exactly? Waiting to be revealed on the big screen, these inexplicable questions drive the plot.

Positive Points:

As bounty hunter Bhairava, a man with a quirky, humorous, greedy, and sly disposition, Tollywood’s “Darling,” Prabhas, steals the show. For the main part, he perfectly captures Nag Ashwin’s vision. Keerthy Suresh’s voice for Prabhas’s computerized sidekick Bujji is delightful, and the actor is a wonderful fit for the role of Bhairava. A key piece of the story, the futuristic vehicle shines in some of the biggest scenes of the movie.

The film’s high point is the legendary Amitabh Bachchan’s depiction of Ashwatthama. He seems to have been destined for this part. He has a captivating on-screen presence, and his little speech says a lot. Cinematic gold can be found in the conflict moments involving Prabhas and Amitabh.

In Telugu cinema, Deepika Padukone makes a striking debut as Sumathi (SUM-80), a woman who faces enormous obstacles to realize the brighter future that the people of Shambala hope for. The emotional complexity of her character is captivating, and Nag Ashwin’s writing includes a few poignant, heartfelt passages.

The legendary Kamal Haasan makes an appearance as Supreme Yaskin, the enemy, and captivates the audience with his ferocious facial expressions and delivery of a tough line. There’s an unsettling depth to his voice. Kamal has transformed into an entirely new persona, putting on an incredible performance as the villain.

Here is the Trailer for the Kalki 2898 AD Movie

The performances of supporting players like Pasupathy, Sobhana, Rajendra Prasad, and Anna Ben are good and improve the movie. A few situations stand out because of how committed Nag Ashwin and his team are. Delightful surprises include cameos by SS Rajamouli, Ram Gopal Varma, Anudeep, Mrunal Thakur, Vijay Deverakonda, and Dulquer Salmaan.

You will be on the edge of your seat throughout the second half of the movie since it is full of exciting scenes. The episodes from the Mahabharata are brilliantly done, especially the climax and suspenseful finish. The background music by Santhosh Narayanan enhances these instances and leaves a lasting impact.

Negative Points:

The film’s slow-moving first half can be difficult to follow, even in its engaging second half. The film’s duration may have been reduced by the director and editor by eliminating scenes that don’t add anything to the story.

There is a dearth of emotion in the portions starring Prabhas and Disha Patani, and the song “Complex” seems superfluous.

Up until the intermission, several sequences that should be exciting are misused. The second half’s discussion of Shambala and its mission could have benefited from more emotional depth. A closer bond between Bujji and Prabhas in the earlier part of the movie could have improved it.

Technical Features:

With the aid of a gifted cast and team, Nag Ashwin, who thrives as both a writer and director, realizes his vision. To match the suspenseful finale, the earlier half of the screenplay should have been tighter.

The cinematography of Djordje Stojiljkovic is superb. Although nice, Kota Venkateswara Rao’s editing could be more precise, especially in the opening hour. Removing pointless scenes could have made the movie move along more quickly.

Even though Santhosh Narayanan’s songs could take some time to grow with listeners, he achieved an impressive score. The quality of Vyjayanthi Movies’ production is excellent. The post-production team, costume designers, VFX team, and art department all work together to create a rich cinematic experience. The quality of the film is a testament to every dollar the creators spent on it.


Overall, combining a futuristic setting with a mythical backdrop, Kalki 2898 AD is among Tollywood’s best movies. Prabhas dazzles with his superb depiction of two parts, which his admirers would find quite enjoyable. Deepika Padukone inhabits her role brilliantly, while Amitabh Bachchan gives a fantastic performance. The captivating exchanges between Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan at the interval, together with their explosive impact, are genuinely extraordinary. Every moment on screen in the movie is justified, from the suspenseful cliffhanger to the powerful pre-climax. It’s amazing. However, the first half’s lengthy and slow-burning story may try viewers’ patience. Get your tickets today to ensure you don’t miss this amazing cinematic experience and see it in the greatest available format.

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