Jisoo and Jennie to Open Their Own Agencies in the Wake....
Jisoo and Jennie

Jisoo and Jennie to Open Their Own Agencies in the Wake of BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal Scandal? Lisa’s “You’re Not Invited” Post Raises Concerns About Ongoing Talks With YG Entertainment

Jisoo and Jennie, BLACKPINK’s contract renewal process with YG Entertainment has long drawn attention. Check out the new additions!

BLACKPINK’s contract renewal process has been in the news for quite some time. It all started when sources indicated that Lisa, whose true name is Lalisa Manobal, would not be renewing her contract with the agency and had refused one of the agency’s proposals worth 50 billion KRW (about $37.7 million).

Then, according to rumors, Lisa is likely to sign a new contract with a US label rather than YG Entertainment. According to reports, Lisa was offered a signing bonus of more than 50 billion won, as well as entertainment enterprises such as music, videos, fashion, and concerts, in addition to six albums.

Following this, reports surfaced that the whole re-contract between BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment had fallen through, with just Rose renewing her contract, while the other three members, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa, will go to different agencies. However, the report also indicated that talks are on to allow the complete girl group to participate in activities for at least six months each year.

According to recent reports, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo are planning to start their own agencies and have already laid the groundwork. According to News1, even if their talks with YG Entertainment are still ongoing, their respective agencies will concentrate only on their solo efforts.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s most recent Instagram post has fueled suspicion concerning her contract negotiations with the group’s agency, YG Entertainment. Lisa took to Instagram and posted a cryptic image “You’re not invited” with her photos.

BLACKPINK began in 2016, and the female group has been managed by YG Entertainment since then. On August 8, BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th debut anniversary; however, even after one month, they were unable to reach a final agreement on their contract extension with YG Entertainment.


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