Hanuman (Global) Box Office: Teja Sajja's Movie
Hanuman (Global) Box Office: Teja Sajja's Movie

Hanuman (Global) Box Office: Teja Sajja’s Movie Crosses the 275 Crore Mark

Here is the box office performance of Teja Sajja’s HanuMan, which has won over hearts of audiences all over the world in its first 24 days of release.

Hanuman, the film sweeping the box office, doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The film did not meet the projected box office receipts for its fourth week of release; on the contrary, it kept up a strong performance, exceeding estimates for the fourth weekend. The film, which stars Teja Sajja, has captivated viewers with its plot, action scenes, and cast members’ outstanding performances.

If you’re wondering how much money HanuMan has made overall through 24 days at the box office, I can tell you that it has made a sizable sum.

Day 24 of HanuMan‘s India collections

In its fourth week, HanuMan has maintained its strong performance at the box office. On its fourth Friday, the film made an incredible 1.45 crore, indicating a consistent showing at the ticket booths.

On the fourth Saturday, the movie’s earnings saw a notable uptick, totaling about 2.85 crore. Following this, the film saw a further increase in receipts on its fourth Sunday, grossing nearly 4 crore. Strong word-of-mouth and favorable reviews from both critics and audiences, which say volumes about the film’s quality, are responsible for HanuMan’s success.

Hanuman has become one of 2024’s biggest hits to date with net India collections of an astounding 188 crore* (total may vary after final Sunday collections). For at least this week, the movie is anticipated to maintain its impressive box office performance.

Thus far, HanuMan‘s Hindi collections

The Hindi film audience has been enthralled with Prasanth Varma’s directorial. The film’s remarkable earnings at the box office bear witness to the favorable reception it has garnered from viewers.

The film brought in 23 crores during its first week of release, 17 crores during the second, and 6 crores during the third. Early estimates place the movie’s fourth-weekend receipts at about 2 crores*. With a business of 48 crore in just 24 days, the Hindi-dubbed version of the movie has made a substantial contribution to its overall success.

Trends indicate that the film will undoubtedly cross the 50-crore mark. Once more, this will be a truly amazing accomplishment.

HanuMan’s Global Total

After deducting the overseas receipts (up to Day 23) of 55 crore, the film’s gross outside of India comes to a total of 276.84 crore.

A movie doesn’t usually generate this much buzz and hold viewers’ attention for weeks on end. Hanuman has succeeded in doing so and has grown to be a beloved character among moviegoers. It is proof of the love and support from the fans as well as the dedication and hard work put in by the cast and crew.


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