Garudan Box Office Collection Day 18: Maintains Consistency in the Face of Maharaja’s Challenge; Impressive Third Week Drives the Movie Towards Hit Status

Despite opposition, Garudan surges, surpassing 56 crore globally and getting closer to becoming a smash movie.

Actor-comedy by Soori As it enters its third week with a consistent collection, Garudan maintains its remarkable run at the box office, eclipsing Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja, the week’s new release. Proceed to read!

Showing its power on viewers, Garudan began the week with a healthy 0.70 crore on Friday. Sales began to grow on Saturday, reaching 1 crore, and then continued to rise on Sunday, reaching 1.2 crore. This growing pattern showed how entertaining and interesting Garudan could keep people interested.

The movie kept up its good work even on Monday, earning a respectable 0.60 crore. This consistency—especially considering the comparable figures on Friday and Monday—demonstrates Garudan’s steady performance in theaters, even in the face of competition from the recently released Maharaja.

Garudan has accumulated a remarkable 39.85 crore net collection (grossing 47.02 crore) by the conclusion of its eighteenth day in India. The movie’s remarkable global total of 56.02 crore is further supported by its 9 crore overseas take. This is in addition to its impressive local total.

Garudan: 2024’s prosperous venture

Produced on a 20 crore budget, Garudan has surpassed the break-even point with an astounding profit margin of 19.95 crores in addition to recovering its production costs. This adds up to an incredible 99.25% profit, which puts the movie just 15 lakh away from being deemed a legitimate smash.

Key parts in the film Garudan, which is directed by Durai Senthil Kumar and produced by Grass Root Film Company and Lark Studios, go to Soori Muthuchamy, M. Sasikumar, and Unni Mukundan.

The film’s compelling narrative, intense action scenes, and the strong performances given by its key actors are all contributing factors to its ongoing box office success. Garudan appears certain to maintain its prosperous run at the box office given its current near-hit status and impending hit.

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