Gaami Vs Bhimaa Box Office Day 3
Gaami Vs Bhimaa Box Office Day 3

Gaami Vs Bhimaa Box Office Day 3

Gaami fared well at the box office, but Bhimaa struggled. Here’s how much Tollywood has earned so far!

The Telugu film industry’s most recent release, Gaami, starring Vishwak Sen, has blown away box office expectations. The film, which was released alongside Gopichand’s Bhimaa, performed exceptionally well during its opening weekend, outearning the latter. For more information, continue reading.

Gaami’s box office earnings in its opening weekend

Gaami performed exceptionally well in the first three days of its release, earning an estimated 9.10 crore net in India. The film grossed 4 crore on the first Friday and 3 crore on the first Saturday. However, footfall dropped over the weekend, which was an unusual situation. If not for that, the results could have been even better.

The film was directed by Vidyadhar Kagita and produced by V Celluloid, Karthik Kult Kreations, Clown Pictures, and VR Global Media. Gaami broke Vishwak Sen’s record for the most collections on his first day of work.

It’s an adventure thriller with a distinct screenplay that combines three stories. Fans praised the visuals, background score, and VFX scenes, especially those shot in the Himalayas.

Gaami Offical trailer: Click Here

Gaami’s worldwide earnings within the first three days

Fans are praising Vishwak Sen’s performance as Aghora in Gaami. Chandini Chaudhary, Abhinaya, and Mohammad Samad played important roles in the film. It grossed 3.5 crore at the overseas box office. Gaami’s global earnings are now at 14.23 crore. Within its first three days of release, the film earned nearly 15 crore in global revenue.

Bhimaa’s First Weekend Box Office Collection

Bhimaa, directed by A Harsha, stars Tottempudi Gopichand, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Malvika Sharma, Vennela Kishore, and Nassar in major roles. Bhimaa did not perform as well as its competitor, Gaami, at the box office. Gaami was praised for its stunning visuals and technical abilities, and it brought in large collections, whereas Bhimaa received mixed reviews from its first show, which hampered its opening.

Despite mixed reviews from the first show, Bhimaa grossed 2.90 crore on Day 1 (1st Friday), followed by 1.90 crore on Day 2 (1st Saturday) and 1.70 crore on Day 3 (1st Sunday). The final collections are yet to be announced, but Bhimaa’s estimated box office collections to date stand at 6.50 crore net India. Bhimaa received the most business in B and C centers in India.

The film grossed an additional 1.2 crore internationally, bringing its total to 8.87 crore worldwide. Despite the fact that the director opened the film with a routine story, Bhimaa performed well at the box office.

Overall, Bhimaa’s box office collections were not as high as the filmmakers had hoped, but it held its own against the competition.

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