Do You Know Adivi Sesh’s Relationship With Superstar Krishna?

Do You Know Adivi Sesh's Relationship With Superstar Krishna

Adivi Sesh recently said in an interview that he has a fascinating relationship with Superstar Krishna. Continue reading to learn more.

Adivi Sesh, a young actor, has established himself in the profession by focusing on telling compelling stories in low-budget movies. Every time he releases a new film, his fans anticipate it with great anticipation. Due to his commitment to making high-caliber films, Adivi Sesh has a devoted fan base.

Adivi Sesh began his film career as a character actor and went on to perform antagonist roles before turning into a hero. With films like Kshanam and Goodachari, which highlighted his skill and adaptability, he attracted a lot of attention. With the release of the movie Major, he achieved widespread notoriety in India. Adivi Sesh is working hard right now on several exciting initiatives.

Adivi Sesh revealed a fascinating relationship he had with Superstar Krishna in a recent interview.

He disclosed that the movie “Gudachari 116,” which stars Mahesh Babu’s father, Krishna, served as the inspiration for the number on his vehicle. This 1966 Telugu spy thriller was a trailblazer in the field and had a lasting impression on the genre. Adivi, a great admirer of superstar Krishna and his creations, claimed that Gudachari 116 also served as an inspiration for his film, Goodachari. He claimed that he was so taken with the number 116 that he wanted it to be his car’s registration number and even decided to use it in his film. Adivi Sesh’s automobile is therefore adorned with the number 0116, which symbolizes his respect for Superstar Krishna and his iconic spy film.

The spy thriller Goodachari by Adivi Sesh has a gripping story and captivating screenplay that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Adivi’s status as a gifted actor and storyteller was cemented when the movie was positively reviewed and turned out to be a smash.

He is currently working on Goodachari 2’s sequel, which has fans extremely excited.

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