Dhimahi Review: A dull drama about revenge.
Dhimahi Review: A dull drama about revenge.

Review: Dhimahi: A dull drama about revenge.

Dhimahi Movie Release Date: October 27, 2023

Movie Rating: 2/5

Starring are JD Cherukuru, Sundeep Pagadala, Virat Kapur, Nikhitha Sharma, Soujanya Kasina, Sreejith Gangadharan, and others.

Directors: Saahas Pagadala and Naveen Kante

Producers: Saahas Pagadala and Virat Kapur

Sharon Raavi, director of music

Rah Sharma is a cinematographer.

Editor: Kamireddy, Santhosh

Captain Cook Films is the banner

Today, the movie Dhimahi, featuring the tagline Jaya Jaya Hai Mahishasura Mardhini, was released in theaters. Sundeep Pagadala, a young actor, makes his feature debut in this film. Under the Captain Cook Films banner, Virat Kapur and Saahas Pagadala produced the film, which is directed by Naveen Kante and Saahas Pagadala. See how the film is by reading our review.


In the USA, Karthik (Sundeep) works as a successful surgeon. Karthik is incredibly devoted to his sister Maitri’s (Soujanya) young daughter Dhimahi, also known as Mahi (Aashika Pagadala). Just as much as he loved his late mother, he adores Mahi. Karthik’s life appears to be going well until Mahi is abducted and subsequently killed, devastating the entire family. Karthik uses necromancy to communicate with his niece’s soul in an attempt to find her murderer. Karthik’s investigation to identify Mahi’s murderer takes up the majority of the film.

Plus Points:

The fundamental idea of communicating with deceased souls and the emotionally charged, dramatized story of retaliation are both excellent. There are some amazing scenes where the hero Karthik communicates with the soul of his deceased niece and discovers who killed her. Notable aspects of this film include Sundeep Pagadala’s portrayal of the lead character, his poignant and vengeful songs, and the injustice done to actress Ashika Pagadala’s character.

The remaining scenes are passable aside from a few intense and action-packed ones. The lead actor Sundeep does a great job, and Nikita Chopra, the heroine, dazzles with a realistic performance. Together with the other actors in the cast, Sreejith Gangadharan and Soujanya also give respectable performances.

Minus Points:

In Telugu cinema, ghosts and spirits have been the subject of countless films with a strong horror component. Dhimahi now jumps on the bandwagon. In an attempt to track down his deceased niece’s killer, hero Karthik meets her. But, their track ought to have had a fitting conclusion after he encounters her soul. The central concept of the story itself could have been developed more effectively.

In addition to the dull story, Dhimahi’s scenes move slowly at times, and the central conflict is not resolved engagingly. The hero’s graph is inconsistent, and the main characters are not well connected. Several of the scenes lack logic, despite the director’s best efforts to build suspense with an intriguing central idea in the first half of the film.

Technical Features:

The story’s emotions complement its engaging plot nicely. The music director Sharon Ravi’s compositions don’t connect. With stunning natural imagery, the cinematographer skillfully explores the locations. Additionally, the editing is subpar. Producers Virat Kapoor and Saahas Pagadala have high production values.


Dhimahi is a visceral drama about revenge with hints of horror. Certain sentimental scenes worked well with the emotions. The film’s main flaws, though, are the plodding narrative and the dearth of captivating elements in the second part. Overall, Dhimahi’s drab storyline makes it difficult to connect. The movie is only appropriate for fans of the horror genre.


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