Dheera Review: High on action, Low on emotions.
Dheera Review: High on action, Low on emotions.

Dheera Review: High on action, Low on emotions.

Dheera Release Date: February 2, 2024.

Dheera Rating: 3.5/5

Starring: Laksh Chadalavada, Soniya Bansal, Neha Pathan, Himaja, Mirchi Kiran, and Suman

Director: Vikranth Srinivas.

Producer: Padmavati Chadalavada.

Music Director: Sai Kartheek.

Cinematographer: Kanna P.C.

Editor: Vinai Ramaswamy V.

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Laksh Chadalavada, who is experimenting with different genres, has now released an action thriller titled Dheera. The film, directed by Vikranth Srinivas, is now showing in theaters. Let’s see how the film goes.


Ranadheer (Laksh Chadalavada) is a driver by profession. He only acts when offered money, regardless of the gravity of the situation. A team of doctors assigns him the task of transporting a patient from Vizag to Hyderabad. Doctor Amrutha (Neha Pathan) and an anesthesiologist accompany him. During this process, Ranadheer learns that the patient is influential. Who is the patient? What’s his background? Did Ranadheer finish the task?

Plus Points:

Laksh Chadalavada is neat in his rugged avatar, and he delivered an excellent performance in all of the action sequences. His comedy sequence with the goons comes at the perfect time and elicits laughter in the hall. Even when the scenes are lacking in meat, Laksh’s presence makes up for it. The second half features a few key moments that keep the action moving. Though the main plot is predictable, the crucial revelation scenes are still entertaining.

Sai Kartheek’s songs are neatly composed and well-shot. Neha Pathan performed admirably in her role and appeared attractive on screen. All of the action set pieces are well-designed. Himaja is fine as the CM’s P.S. The sharp editing in Dheera keeps it interesting.

Minus points:

The film is packed with action sequences throughout, but it falls short on the emotional front. The emphasis was on heroism and action, so the film lacked emotional depth. Even the movie’s few emotional moments have no impact.

Soniya Bhansal’s performance is forgettable. Things get a little too easy for the protagonist as he fights some bigwigs all on his own. The first half is all about establishing the hero’s character and his romantic relationship with the leading lady. The scenes in these sections are not particularly engaging and could have been written better.

Technical aspects:

Not only are the songs good, but so is the background score by Sai Kartheek. Kanna’s cinematography is satisfactory. The production values are good. The dialogues are not very good. The editing is impressive.

Director Vikranth Srinivas presented Laksh in an orderly manner, but the emotional aspect was overlooked. The second half is slightly better than the first because it reveals the main plot point.


Overall, Dheera is a one-man show from Laksh that focuses more on action elements. Laksh does well in his role, and the second half contains some passable scenes. The plot is predictable, and the first half falls short, with some uninteresting romantic scenes. If there had been a better balance of action and emotion, the end result could have been much better.


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