Devara now has a hashtag #AllHailTheTiger.
Devara now has a hashtag #AllHailTheTiger.

Devara now has a hashtag: #AllHailTheTiger.

Devara: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram spoke with the media yesterday ahead of the release of his next film, Devil. He also revealed his next production venture, Devara. Since then, the film has been trending, and the film’s music composer has taken the hype to the next level by sharing the hashtag #AllHailTheTiger.

Anirudh recently expressed his admiration for the teaser cut and heaped praise on both NTR and Koratala Siva in a tweet. His tweet, with the caption “All Hail The Tiger,” has heightened fan excitement. Anirudh expressed his excitement for the teaser, which is expected to be released on January 8th.

As the curtains rise on the cinematic canvas of “Devara,” a palpable excitement grips the hearts of fans, akin to the hushed anticipation before a thunderstorm. Anirudh Ravichander, the maestro of musical alchemy, steps into the spotlight, his notes poised to be the unseen hands sculpting the very soul of this action drama.

In the symphony of storytelling, Anirudh’s background score emerges as the elusive fifth element, an ethereal force that transcends the boundaries of auditory perception. Fans, avidly attuned to the cadence of his genius, anticipate not merely music but a seismic wave, an invisible pulse that promises to ripple through the narrative, amplifying each heartbeat of the action with an unprecedented intensity.

In the eagerly awaited film “Devara,” which is produced by Yuvasudha Arts in association with NTR Arts, Janhvi Kapoor plays the female lead, while Saif Ali Khan plays NTR’s adversary.


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