Animal received a lot of backlash for glorifying "misogyny."
Animal received a lot of backlash for glorifying "misogyny."

Day 4 of Animal Box Office Collection: Breaks Records on Monday.

At the box office, this animal is breaking records, and people can hear its roar in the distance. The unbelievable collections put an end to any speculation regarding Monday’s hold.

After the film’s 200 Crore Club debut the previous weekend, one wondered what the day would hold. Even though the movie was already safe, it remained to be seen if it would become a modest hit or end up becoming a blockbuster. The key to Animal’s longer survival was going to be anything over 30 crores.

As things have worked out, Animal will now not only survive but also prosper in the days ahead. The movie not only exceeded the coveted 30 crores milestone, but also exceeded it significantly, earning an incredible 44.47 crores (in all languages) more.

Even the most ardent moviegoers didn’t anticipate this, but box office operates in strange ways nevertheless. The afternoon itself saw the shows filling up again, and this pattern persisted well into the evening.

It is evident that the audience has approved of the movie. Not to worry. The audience has not only accepted it, but has also embraced it.

Numerous people have reportedly seen the movie twice already. The first time, it was the shock value that captured their attention, and now they want to watch it with a group of friends to be even more entertained. With 246.23 crores already in its bank account, the Ranbir Kapoor–Sandeep Reddy Vanga movie is poised to join the 300 Crore Club tomorrow. It appears to be a kind of patron movement.


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