CM Punk: Is WWE Disinterested in Reintroducing CM Punk
CM Punk: Is WWE Disinterested in Reintroducing CM Punk

CM Punk: Is WWE Disinterested in Reintroducing CM Punk.

It has been revealed that WWE is still not in the mood to add CM Punk to the organization, especially not through Survivor Series, following weeks of hysterical speculation.

Crazy rumors have been going around the pro wrestling world ever since AEW released CM Punk. His name is being linked to multiple promotions because he draws large crowds, but practically everyone wants to know if he’s going back to the WWE, where he achieved unmatched fame. Will he therefore be returning for Survivor Series 2023? For more information, continue reading!

AEW’s disciplinary actions against Punk

For those who don’t know, the pro-wrestling superstar got involved in a controversy back in September 2022. Punk was suspended after getting into a fight with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. He and Jack Perry got into another altercation backstage in September of this year, which resulted in his release from the company.

The rumored return of CM Punk to WWE

Online rumors about CM Punk’s reunion with his former company abounded after AEW released him. It was pretty evident because Triple H is always willing to act in the best interests of the company, so it was expected that he would sign a contract with him despite any Punk-related controversies. Sadly, it’s possible that fans won’t get to witness Punk’s return to the WWE ring.

Is CM Punk going to return for Survivor Series 2023?

The venue for this year’s Survivor Series is Allstate Arena in Rosemont, which is located northwest of Chicago. Given that CM Punk is from Chicago, it makes sense that his fans would be hoping for an unexpected comeback. According to the most recent information, WWE is not in the mood to sign him to a contract.

According to sources close to Fightful, WWE has not signed a contract with CM Punk. Regardless of the number of people he draws, the company is uninterested in him. WWE may not have been interested in Punk in large part due to his AEW scandals, which brought notoriety to the pro-wrestling promotion run by Tony Khan.

However, given that WWE is notorious for its unexpected comebacks, it’s possible that the former champion will shock supporters with his return.


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