Bubblegum Review: A heartbreaking tale of love and regret.
Bubblegum Review: A heartbreaking tale of love and regret.

Bubblegum Review: A heartbreaking tale of love and regret.

Bubblegum Movie: December 29, 2023 is the date of release.

Bubblegum Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Roshan Kanakala, Maanasa Choudhary, Harsha Chemudu, Kiran Macha, Anannyaa Akulaa, Harshvardhan, Anu Hasan, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Bindu Chandramouli, and others in leading roles

Ravikanth Perepu is the director.

Producer: Vimala P.

Sricharan Pakala, director of music

Suresh Ragutu, cinematographer

Editors: Balu Manoj D, Seri-Ganni, K Balakrishna Reddy, and Ravikanth Perupu

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With today’s release of the youthful romantic drama Bubblegum, Roshan Kanakala, son of popular anchor Suma Kanakala and actor Rajeev Kanakala, has taken center stage. See whether the film is a delightful treat or whether it makes us want more by reading our review.


A middle-class man named Sai Aditya, also known as Adhi (Roshan Kanakala), who aspires to be a DJ, finds himself drawn to a wealthy woman named Jahnavi (Manasa Chaudhary). They both fall in love, but as their romance develops, something happens that makes Jahnavi humiliate Adhi in front of the public. The aftermath is shown in the film: did they break up or get back together?

Bonus Points:

Young hero Roshan Kanakala surprises everyone with his debut by effortlessly expressing emotions and showcasing his dancing skills. He has potential because he comes from an acting family; he just needs to pick the right scripts.

Manasa Chaudhary is a great fit for the role of the wealthy girl; she adds glitz and flair, particularly in the second part.

Adhi’s father, portrayed by Chaitu Jonnalagadda (brother of actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda), is a surprising highlight. He makes people laugh with his words and deeds, and Bindu Chandramouli, who plays his wife, does a fantastic job.

Negative Points:

The narrative is unimpressive, presenting a story we have seen countless times before. However, as with his previous film, Krishna & His Leela, one would anticipate catchy phrases that add spice to the story when director and writer Ravikanth Perupu is involved.

Although the story is good, Ravikanth could have told it more clearly, addressing the repetitive sequences in the first half and the overly dramatic parts in the second.

The characters portrayed by Anu Haasan, Harsha Chemudu, and Harshavardhan could have been written better because they don’t fully utilize the talents of the actors.

Technical Details:

The storytelling of writer and director Ravikanth Perupu falls short. Suresh Ragutu’s cinematography is passable, and Sricharan Pakala’s music blends in nicely. A group of technicians, including Ravikanth Perupu, worked on the editing, which could have been done more neatly. This love story might have been better if unneeded scenes had been cut for a shorter running time.


Overall, Bubblegum is just another typical romantic love story that doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Roshan Kanakala and Manasa Chaudhary, who made their film debuts with commendable performances, struggle with a dull screenplay, repetitious scenes, and superfluous drama that detracts from the main plot. The romantic moments don’t work well for family audiences, even though they might appeal to some younger audiences.


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