Bramayugam Review: Appeal to a niche audience.
Bramayugam Review: Appeal to a niche audience.

Bramayugam Review: Appeal to a niche audience.

“Bramayugam” is a gripping thriller that takes viewers on a journey through the dark alleys of the human psyche. Rahul Sadasivan directs this horror thriller movie, weaving suspense and psychological intrigue seamlessly into storytelling. The movie released on February 23, 2024, gripping audiences worldwide. Featuring a stellar cast including Amalda Liz, Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, and Siddharth Bharathan, this film promises an electrifying ensemble performance.

Chakravarthy, Ramachandra, and S. Sashikanth join forces as producers for Bramayugam under the Night Shift Stuido, ensuring its cinematic excellence and success. Although, Christo Xavier’s musical genius enhances Bramayugam, enriching its atmosphere and narrative depth. Shehnad Jalal, a visionary filmmaker, crafts the movie with suspenseful storytelling and compelling visuals.

Mammootty’s thriller movie edited by MalayaShafique Mohamed Ali. With his skillfully edits the movie enhancing its pacing and narrative coherence.

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Malayalam megastar Mamootty’s Bramayugam has been released in Telugu. Rahul Sadasivan wrote and directed the film, which stars Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Bharathan in pivotal roles. Let’s see how the film fared.


Set in 17th-century Malabar, the story follows court singer Thevan (Arjun Ashokan) and his friend Koran (Manikandan R. Archery) as they escape the slave trade. When they attempt to cross a river, a female spirit known as Yakshi (Amalda Liz) kills Koran. Thevan goes into Kudumon Potti’s (Mammootty) mansion in an attempt to save his life. The chef at Kodumon Potti is Sidharth Bharatan. Thevan is told he can remain in the mansion by Kodumon Potti. Thevan begins to suspect that there is a problem with Kodumon Potti and the mansion over time. What’s that? Was Thevan able to flee the mansion? What makes Kodumon Potti so enigmatic? This is the main goal of Bramayugam.

Plus Points:

Bramayugam is a one-of-a-kind attempt, and Mammootty deserves credit for taking the risk and constantly pushing the envelope. The film revolves around three characters and takes place primarily in one mansion. As a result, the performances and technical aspects must be exceptional for such a film. Bramayugam gets it right in these areas.

Mammootty delivered an award-worthy performance as Kudomon Potti. His close-up shots, nuanced portrayal, and thumping dialogue delivery all significantly increase the impact. Rather than relying on jump scares and cliches, Bramayugam creates an eerie atmosphere with a dilapidated mansion, Mammootty’s mysterious character, and a black-and-white format.

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Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Bharatan excel in their respective roles. We sympathize with Arjun Ashokan’s character and take his side. The actor’s facial expressions and body language are great. There is an important scene in which two key characters become trapped. The way that sequence was created and shot is mind-blowing. Although Bramayugam appears to be a spooky film, Rahul Sadasivan deftly addresses a few social issues while neatly infusing the horror theme, demonstrating his commitment to the craft.

Minus points:

Bramayugam will undoubtedly not appeal to everyone because it is not your typical horror film. The film is slow-paced for the most part, and some sections of the audience may become bored because the majority of the conversations and scenes are long.

Mammootty’s character development and the mystery element’s construction take up the majority of the first half. It can be tedious to listen to the director recount every little detail, and you’ll need to exercise more patience to appreciate the drama and the events.

The climax feels a little predictable for such a unique film, and it could have been handled better. Despite the slow pacing, the first half is more intriguing than the second.

Technical aspects:

Malayalam films are becoming increasingly impressive in terms of technical quality, and Bramayugam follows suit. Especially the production design team did an outstanding job. We can see vegetation inside and outside the mansion, which adds to the intrigue. Christo Xavier’s haunting background score, Shehnad Jalal’s breathtaking cinematography, and Jayadev’s compelling sound design all contribute significantly to the film’s success.

The editing is consistent with the director’s vision. Rahul Sadasivan is straightforward in his approach and delivers exactly what he promised. He made excellent use of the technicians, getting the most out of Mammootty and the other actors. The production values are fine.

Movie Rating:  “Bramayugam” earned a solid 3.75/5 rating from critics.


Overall, Bramayugam is a unique attempt, but given its nature, it may only appeal to a specific segment of the audience. Mammootty brings his role to life, and his towering presence is enhanced by excellent technical values. Arjun Ashokan and Siddharth Bharathan do well in their respective roles. The drama moves at a leisurely pace and can be irritating at times. Impact-wise, the first half is superior to the second half. Bramayugam may appeal to those who enjoy watching unique films, but it will disappoint the rest of the audience.


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