Anil Kapoor says he did movies for free despite stardom’s high fees: “I’ve Managed To Stay In The Industry For So Long…”.

When asked if he would accept a wage cut if necessary, Anil Kapoor confessed that he had worked on films for free.

For the past few months, there have been talks regarding Bollywood celebrities’ excessive rates, the cost of their entourages, and other costs. This has had an impact on the industry, and making films has gotten increasingly expensive. Karan Johar and Kartik Aryan recently discussed the matter. Anil Kapoor, who is hosting Bigg Boss OTT 3, has now expressed his opinions and worries.

Anil Kapoor believes it is a vital topic, and that all actors, actresses, and professionals should be realistic in their rates and demands. It will enable filmmakers to produce more films. The Night Manager star agreed with Karan Johar’s claim that stars charge outrageous prices. 

Anil Kapoor on making movies for free

In the same interview with Indian Express, the Bigg Boss OTT 3 host, who has also produced films such as Badhai Ho Badhai, Gandhi My Father, Aisha, Veere Di Wedding, and others, stated that the excessive demands from the actors strain the budget. He has also experienced financial hardship as a result of the situation.

Anil Kapoor was questioned if he would take a wage reduction if necessary, and the actor admitted that he had previously worked for nothing. “I’ve always been willing to take a pay reduction. Forget pay cuts; I’ve worked on films for nothing. There have been instances where I have not charged a single rupee to help the creators. I don’t want to reveal their names. “There are quite a few actors from my generation and previous generations who have taken pay cuts and done films for free,” the Fighter star revealed.

The Savi actor also stated that he has been able to stay in the industry for so long because he is willing to make financial sacrifices. Because I’m willing to make financial compromises, I’ve been in this business for a very long period. This enabled the production of these flicks. Almost 50-55 films in my career have lasted the test of time and given success not only to me but also to the producers and others involved,” the actor told the daily.

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