Allu Arjun salary soared by 7900% from his debut to "Pushpa"
Allu Arjun salary soared by 7900% from his debut to "Pushpa"

Allu Arjun salary soared by 7900% from his debut to “Pushpa”

‘Pushpa’ Allu Arjun has come a long way in his career and is now considered one of India’s biggest superstars.

Pushpa: The Rise’s Hindi line “Mein Jhukega Nahi Saala” has become iconic, and Allu Arjun has lived by it throughout his career. After establishing himself as a stylish star, the actor has continued to rise through the ranks of success, and he is now one of the country’s biggest superstars. Today, we’ll look at his salary growth from his first film to Pushpa.

Allu Arjun is all over the news!

Allu Arjun and his Pushpa are in the news yet again, as the actor recently confirmed that a third installment of the franchise may be made. Aside from that, there have been some wild claims about the actor’s salary for Pushpa 2. Against this backdrop, we’ll see how far Allu has come over the years.

AA’s salary for the debut film

Allu Arjun has been in the film industry for more than two decades. His career as a lead actor began in 2003 with Gangotri. He reportedly charged around Rs. 50 lakh for Gangotri. Of course, it was a large sum for a debut film, and his earnings have increased dramatically over the years.

insane increase in salary

Pushpa: The Rise was Allu Arjun’s twentieth film and his last to be released in theaters. If trade rumors are to be believed, the actor reportedly charged around 40 crores. If we compare Gangotri to Pushpa: The Rise, there is a staggering 7900% growth, which is insane.

Upcoming Films

Allu Arjun’s next film is called Pushpa 2 or Pushpa: The Rule. While filming is still underway, the producers have promised that their film will be ready for release on August 15, 2024. It is currently set to face off against Singham again. However, one of these films may postpone its release date.

In addition to Pushpa 2, the actor will appear in a film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. It will be supported by T-Series and released across India. More information on the subject has yet to be released.


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