Aarambham Review Not thrilling enough
Aarambham Review Not thrilling enough

Aarambham Review: Not thrilling enough

“Aarambham,” released on May 10, 2024, falls short of expectations with an evaluation of 2.25 out of 5. Despite boasting a promising ensemble cast including Laxman Meesala, Boddepalli Abhishek, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Bhooshan, Johan Bhagat, and Supritha Sathyanarayan, the film struggles to deliver a compelling narrative or engaging performances. Directed by Ajay Nag V and produced by Abhishek V Thirumalesh, “Aarambham” fails to capitalize on its potential, leaving audiences disappointed.

While Sinjith Yerramilli’s music direction adds some depth to the film, it’s not enough to salvage the overall experience. Devdeep Gandhi Kundu’s contributions as one of the filmmakers also fail to significantly elevate the film’s quality. Despite the efforts of editors Preetham Gayathri and Aditya Tiwari, the film ultimately lacks coherence and fails to hold the viewer’s attention.

In conclusion, “Aarambham” struggles to make an impact, falling short of delivering the compelling storytelling and performances expected from it. Despite the efforts of its cast and crew, the film fails to leave a lasting impression, ultimately rendering it a forgettable addition to the cinematic landscape. 

Currently playing in theaters is the Telugu film Aarambham, which stars Ravindra Vijay, Bhooshan Kalyan, and Mohan Bhagath in key parts. To learn how it is, read our review.


A Kalaghati Jail inmate named Mighel (Mohan Bhagath) manages a mysterious escape that leaves the jailer and other authorities perplexed. The policemen go to Chaitanya (Ravindra Vijay) and Madhav (Abhishek Boddepalli), two investigators, for help. Together, they discover startling new information about Mighel and his disappearing act as the investigation progresses. What person is Mighel exactly? How could he have left the jail without a trace? Is there someone responsible for his disappearance? Were the two detectives able to find out where he was? In the film, all of these queries will be addressed.

Bonus Points:

First and foremost, credit should be given to director Ajay Nag V for his initiative in telling a unique tale in Tollywood. His choice of storyline for his directorial debut suggests that, if he keeps exploring a variety of stories, he may have a bright future.

Mohan Bhagath displays his skills once more with an excellent performance, which is enhanced by Surabhi Prabhavathi’s compelling portrayal as Mohan Bhagath’s mother and Ravindra Vijay’s skillful portrayal as a detective. Laxman Meesala’s comic timing is entertaining.

Here is the Trailer for the Aarambham Movie

It’s entertaining to watch the emotionally intense sequences with Mohan Bhagath, his mother, and Professor Subramanya Rao (Bhooshan Kalyan). Furthermore, a few sequences in the first part effectively spark interest and provide plenty of opportunity for additional research.

Negative Points:

The story is ok, but because it explores the Dejavu phenomenon, it might not be for everyone. To pique viewers’ interest and capture their attention, the concept-related scenes should have been written with greater engagement.

To create a closer bond, the mother and son’s emotional depth might have been expanded. Better character development, especially for Supritha Sathyanarayana, and a more thorough examination of the Dejavu notion would have improved comprehension and participation.

There are boring parts in the movie because the flashback sequences are overly drawn out. Furthermore, the overall enthusiasm for the research is diminished by the absence of exciting moments.

Technical Details:

The storytelling style employed by director Ajay Nag caters to a particular demographic. A tighter screenplay, meanwhile, would have improved the Kannada novel Neenu Ninnolage Khaidi’s adaption.

The music and score by Sinjith Yerramilli provide a calming element and spark intrigue, but Sandeep Angadi’s dialogue is more than adequate. Devdeep Gandhi Kundu’s cinematography is passable, but Preetam Gayatri and Aditya T. Tiwari’s editing needs improvement. The production values meet the required standards.


Overall, Aarambham falls short of providing a captivating experience. While Mohan Bhagath, Bhooshan Kalyan, and Ravindra Vijay give excellent performances, the film’s drawn-out sequences and lack of excitement in both halves make it less enjoyable to watch. This weekend, it’s a good idea to look at other entertainment possibilities.

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