3 Body Problem Season 1 Web series Review
3 Body Problem Season 1 Web series Review

3 Body Problem Season 1 Web series Review

3 Body Problem Season 1, rated 3 out of 5 stars, unfolds with a promising ensemble cast including Benedict Wong, Jess Hong, Liam Cunningham, Rosalind Chao, Jonathan Pryce, Eiza Gonzalez, John Bradley, Alex Sharp, and Jovan Adepo, bringing the story to life.

Crafted by acclaimed authors D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, and helmed by director Derek Tsang, the series finds its home on the streaming giant Netflix, offering viewers an immersive experience in both Mandarin and English, accompanied by subtitles.

The first season comprises eight one-hour episodes, delving into a complex narrative that blends elements of mystery, science fiction, and drama. While the series boasts a stellar cast and an intriguing premise, it falls short of achieving its full potential.

Although certain aspects shine, such as the performances of the cast members and the overall production quality, there are notable drawbacks. The storytelling feels somewhat disjointed at times, lacking the cohesion needed to fully captivate audiences. Additionally, despite the talent involved, the series struggles to maintain consistent momentum throughout its episodes.

For viewers drawn to captivating storytelling and a blend of Mandarin and English dialogue, 3 Body Problem Season 1 offers an intriguing watch. However, those seeking a more tightly woven narrative may find themselves yearning for a deeper engagement with the storyline.”

3 Body Problem Season 1 What Is It Concerning

The work that would ultimately serve as the foundation for the Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy and serve as the inspiration for this Netflix television season, The Three-Body Problem, was first serialized in 2006 by author Cixin Liu. The novel tells an epic, mysterious story that begins when several scientists begin to see things that shouldn’t be possible. As word of these strange happenings spreads among scientists, a peculiar video game called The Three-Body Problem appears to hold the key to unlocking the mysteries.

Here is the Trailer for the 3 Body Problem

Examining the Screenplay

Based on the first book in the trilogy, 3 Body Problem also borrows ideas from later books in an attempt to create a television series that introduces all of the plot’s major characters. The book is a cosmic epic saga, and judging from the numerous alterations David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have made to the narrative, it appears that the television adaptation will deviate greatly from the novels. Being different from the original content is a necessary aspect of the adaptation process and is not inherently harmful.

It won’t bother the majority of viewers because they haven’t read the novels. As it stands, 3 Body Problem is a decent science fiction program—not particularly good, but not bad either. Most viewers will find the mystery intriguing as they try to solve all the puzzle pieces and reach a conclusion, but I think the show gives away the mystery’s essence a little too soon. It was enjoyable to follow the characters in the novel, even if you were unaware of what was going on because Cixin Liu wrote a gripping scenario for them.

I would have to go into major spoiler territory to discuss the other various problems I have with the show’s storyline. Nevertheless, the show makes an effort to convey that this is only happening to a small number of people. Unfortunately, the show did not use the opportunity to expand as much as it should have, even though I can understand that it might have been budgetary.

Star-Studded Performance

Overall, the performances are good, but there’s a direct literary flaw that undermines the acting and moments. A lot of the language doesn’t sound natural, and you can see the characters are frequently acting as though they are speaking to the audience while they are claiming to be speaking to each other. The authors worry that readers will have to understand the multitude of ideas presented in the narrative and turn the characters into mouthpieces.

Sadly, Eiza Gonzalez’s character is a condensed version of a more major, more nuanced character from the novel. Nevertheless, Gonzalez presents herself as our protagonist, or at least the primary character, one in a list of multiple main characters. This season, Rosalind Chao stands out among the cast members with her stunning performance in what might be the most true to the original tale.

Direction & Music

In terms of what is shown on screen, 3 Body Problem is incredibly uneven; several scenes are well done, while others seem like a complete rip-off of their literary counterparts. The tone of the season is defined by director Derek Tsang, although it doesn’t seem like he or the other filmmakers quite nail it. For a plot that screams mystery and sophistication and is prepared to test the viewer at every turn, the direction feels overly stilted and uninspired. The show looks good as it is, but even the special effects lack consistency.

Returning to work with his Game of Thrones showrunners, Ramin Djawadi composes fantastic music for the series employing more contemporary instruments, resulting in a techno-thriller atmosphere that is a perfect fit for the drama. Nevertheless, the show’s main theme lacks the same level of catchiness as it could, so you won’t find yourself singing along to it as much as you would with the Game of Thrones or even Westworld themes.

Final Words

The adaptation of 3 Body Problem has all the makings of a hit film, but it falls short of the original work’s attempts to be distinctive and captivating. Although it doesn’t have the same funding as this Netflix production, Tencent recently published an adaptation of the book that feels closer to the original work and strikes the correct tone for the plot. It feels like a win, at least, because the show encourages viewers to read the novels to find out what happens.

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